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Pay your customer faster than BACS with Calmony

Faster Payments

Calmony faster payments allows you to same day bulk pay your landlords, contractors and all other customers with no cut off times. Meaning you can pay any time of day and night, 7 days a week.

Your customers will receive payments within a few seconds and no longer than 2 hours provided that the receiving bank is part of the Faster Payments Scheme.

Faster Payments is similar to BACS, but without the expensive monthly BACS fees, high per payment fees or the additional fees if you need to make a same day payment (BACS payments usually are paid on the following day).

You decide who in your business authorises payments when using Calmony Faster Payments.  The Google authenticator app controls initiation of payments to another UK bank or building society.

Online Banking

International payments

You will be required to open a account to make international payments from any Calmony account to a Wise account and then your international payee.