Moving Accounts

With Calmony you know which tenants have and have not set up the new standing orders. Ensuring there is no disruption to paying your landlords when moving a client account to Calmony

Moving the client account

We recommend the ‘dial down, dial up’ method of moving your old client account. This method means that whilst your tenants slowly start changing their standing order details, you can simply transfer rent received into your old client account straight over to your new Calmony account. 

Client Account

Moving standing orders

It can be very time consuming to get your tenants to change their standing order payment details and avoid delays to paying your landlords.  Using the ‘Set up a standing order’ feature on the payAgent app allows you to send an open banking request to your tenants to authorise within their own mobile banking app. Calmony allows you to see which tenants have, and haven’t, set up their new standing order.

Bulk upload payees

Switching to a new bank account usually takes time with you having to manually add your landlord and contractor bank details. Coming soon will be the Calmony bulk upload feature to add all of your customer payment details in one go.