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Open a Calmony account that offers convenient online banking, a user-friendly payment app, secure web payments, and efficient same-day bulk payments

What is Calmony?

Calmony brings together the technology and services that banks, BACS and payment solutions offer, all under one

Calmony helps you manage your business, community, or sports club with ease, enabling fast payments and simpler processes. You no longer have to deal with the limitations of traditional banking, as Calmony provides a smarter and more efficient banking experience.

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How Calmony differs from a Bank

Calmony is not a bank but an e-money institution authorised under the UK Electronic Money Regulations and is FCA registered 850923.  

An Electronic Money Institution (EMI) is a provider of e-money. This money is stored electronically in digital wallets with the physical money held in a bank account with the Bank of England.  As Calmony is not a bank, it is not allowed to pay interest on client money.

Calmony brings together the technology and services that banks, BACS and payment providers offer, all under one

End to End Security

Calmony uses two factor authentication to access your account and to make payments, in addition to restricting payments out to chosen users.

Paid Full Amounts

Services like GoCardless take their fee from your payment, meaning you have to top it back up before you pay your landlord. 

Top Drawer! I have found Calmony to be easy to set up and use. The support of Jez and his team has been first rate. Calmony are well thought of by the whole team at YHPM Ltd. Highly recommended!

James Cooke Your Home Property Management

Changing our clients over was easy and the dedicated support continues. We are big believers that things happen for a reason and so Goodbye HSBC and Hello Calmony.

Donna Jackson Jackson's Estates

I was with Barclays for years and all of sudden they started threatening to close my account! Luckily Calmony stepped in and saved the day. It took a few days to open the account and the switchover was doddle. It fully integrates with my CRM software, agentOS, making my life easier.

Ryan Woolfenden LeaderWolf

I applied for a client account. It was set up in just a couple of days. The process was simple, communication was clear and had a fab personal touch. Nothing stuffy-bank about it. I am very impressed so far. Well done all at Calmony!

Ellie Phillott Athelstans Property Agent