CMP Letter

Calmony can provide you with your annual confirmation that your Calmony account is a registered client account.

The letter will confirm that the account is set up as an electronic account and all money standing to the credit of the client account is held by your business.

The letter further explains how client funds are safeguarded.

Calmony clients are issued with e-money accounts on the Modulr platform. These accounts have an account number and sort code.

These e-money accounts are provided under Modulr’s license as an AEMI (FRN: 900573), and in line with the regulatory requirements, 100% of client funds related to the e-money segregated from Modulr’s own funds and are held within designated Client Money Accounts with the Bank of England.

Letters are provided to Calmony customers upon request and are free of charge.

Accountant Audits

Calmony allows your accountant and auditor to download all the financial transactions, and we can further help by providing account details for any payments received or made.

We recommend annual accountant’s audit is conducted by The Letting Partnership Ltd with their thorough Financial and Client Money Health Check.  

Please be aware that Calmony requires a copy of your annual accountants report.